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total time: 1 hr 20 min

Callan Blout-Fleming

A guide to returning to work and crushing it.


Motherhood is work, and work is work.

The notion of balancing work and motherhood is a pretty impossible endeavor, but what if we were able to
come up with a lifestyle that allows for both in a productive, manageable way? Enter Callan Blout-Fleming and
the Expectful Work Like a Mother course. We’ve created a multi-lesson, mindful guide for the working
mother and provide you with real tips to being even more productive than before.

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This course is split into five sections:

returning to work
realistic expectations
setting intentions
strenthening boundaries
fostering communication

Plus, You'll Complete These
Interactive Exercises:

Honoring Your Strengths Worksheet
Envisioning Your Best Worksheet
Stress Tracker
Sharing Work at Home Worksheet
Conversation Starters


This course is ideal for anyone who recently had a baby and has plans to go back to work in the coming days or weeks or has already gone back to work and are trying to juggle the mom/work lifestyle.
Consider taking this course during your parental leave. However, if you’ve already gone back to work, it’s not too late to enjoy the benefits of this course. In fact, you may already recognize the specific areas wherein you need the most support, helping you apply your takeaways immediately.
This is course is an immersive analysis into your personal strengths, actionable tips on delegating and setting expectations, and learning how to communicate with those around you. Callan Blount Fleming, the course instructor, is a mom and entrepreneur and coaches you through several interactive exercises from which you walk away with the tools to turn your transition back into the professional setting into a new opportunity for success.
Depending on how long the exercises take you fill out and reflect upon, this course runs about an hour and twenty minutes total.

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