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I wasn’t always a happy pregnant woman.

In fact, finding joy during this time in my life wasn't easy for me.

During my first pregnancy, I worried about the health of my baby Annabell. I feared how becoming a mother might change my body, my life and my relationship with my husband.

Then at 27 weeks, I discovered Expectful’s guided pregnancy meditations and my entire mindset shifted.

For 5 minutes each day, Expectful gave me the space to let go of my thoughts and just be present with Annabell while she grew inside me.

It transformed the way I felt during pregnancy & motherhood. I became happier and calmer once meditation taught me how to trust my body, my journey, and myself.

To this day, I swear Expectful’s meditations had a part in how loving and joyful my daughter turned out to be.

Setting out on my next adventure with baby #2 on the way, I feel happier than I ever thought possible.

Anna Gannon Expectful Community Guide

The world’s largest library of guided meditations for fertility, pregnancy, and parenthood.

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Love From Our Community


“Perfect topics for this time in my life. Completely new to
meditation. So appreciative for
the peace and calm it brings,
amidst this stressful/anxious time
in my life, my mind, and my body.”

— hannahjoy7

Great App

“Love the meditations and
calming recordings. I’m anxious at
baseline and have really enjoyed
using these to naturally calm my
emotions and get to a better place
in my head :) highly recommend!”

— Cbus1988


“Very helpful in calming a mind
that hasn’t stopped going since I
found out I was pregnant. For me,
this app has been invaluable.”

— Miyuhkook
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