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Letter from a Doula on Birth During COVID-19

Updated: May 21st, 2020


I am a doula living and supporting families in New York City during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Inspired by the people in my life, I’ve written a letter to new and expecting mothers around the world giving birth during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Dear Mama, 

Your path towards parenthood has veered wildly off course. Each cancelled childbirth preparation class, new hospital policy, travel advisory, or precautionary measure may leave you reeling and unsure. 

No matter what comes next, I want you to know:

Your frustration is valid.
Your anger is valid.
Your grief is valid.

But I hope you can remember that what you are feeling right now does not need to define your birth story. You can still still have an experience that is defined by love, joy, and empowerment. 

I believe that one day you will share your birth story with your baby and they will be in awe of you. Of the resilience you channeled despite unexpected challenges. 

No matter the circumstances of your birth, remember this: 

You were strong.
You were brave.
You were never alone. 

Your baby will come into the world deeply knowing your love. 

You are more resilient than you ever imagined. This strength has always been within you.


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Michelle Berninger

Head of Ops & Doula

Michelle is a birth and postpartum doula based in Brooklyn. When she’s not supporting birthing families in-person, she’s helping them as Head of Operations at Expectful. Follow @modernlovedoula for inclusive, body-positive, and LGBTQ+ affirming advice and information.

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