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Five Benefits of Meditation During Pregnancy

The most difficult part of my pregnancy didn’t have to do with the physical changes of my body, it had to do with the emotional ups and downs of my worried mind. Each day of pregnancy brought up different challenges. One day I would feel anxious about making sure I was eating the right foods …


I Think My Pregnancy Wasn’t Meant To Be

I miscarried during my first pregnancy at 16 weeks pregnant. That sentence is surprisingly easy for me to say now – much easier than it was for me to tell people, that first time, that I was pregnant. Every time I told someone I was pregnant, I’d immediately burst into tears. I thought it was …


Four Benefits of Meditation for Fertility

When I first began trying to get pregnant, I thought my physical health was of the utmost importance. I researched the best foods to eat, the best way to exercise, what vitamins to take and how to track my ovulation properly, but as my body got stronger, my emotions spun out of control. I found …


Motherhood Meditation In Real Life

It’s not easy for me to admit this, but sometimes I am a judgmental mom. I don’t mean to be, and usually at first, I’m completely unaware that I’m doing it. But, after observing these judgmental thoughts towards other moms for quite sometime, I couldn’t help but wonder – why I am having them in …

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