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A Man In A Mother’s World

A Man In A Mother’s World

A Man In A Mother’s World - An exploration on being the male founder of a company for pregnant and new moms

Written By
Mark Krassner

Mark Krassner

July 19, 2019

When is the last time you bewildered someone with a fact about yourself?

For me it was yesterday, when I told a new friend what I do for a living.

As the unmarried, male, childfree founder of a meditation app for pregnant and new moms, this happens all the time.

Sometimes I’m met with skepticism, other times surprise and delight, and always curiosity.

Everyone asks some form of the question: “why?”.

The answer is that there is an alarming gap in the standard of pre and postnatal care for moms. We lack proper education and tools that support mothers’ mental and emotional wellbeing.

On a personal note, my mom struggled with anxiety and depression when I was growing up, too. My team and I created the tool that I wish she’d had.

I also think pregnancy and birth are two of the most magical, important things on this planet. It just feels good to be contributing to that arena.

So here I am, a man in a woman’s world… a mother’s world.

I feel proud of what my team and what we have accomplished. I feel proud of the lives we touch on a daily basis. And yet I’ve been hiding and playing small.

Yes, I’ve created an impactful company and participated in a handful of panels, podcasts, and talks. But by and large I’ve shied away from being a public champion for my company and cause.

The truth is that men (especially white men like me) don’t have the best track record at the moment. We’ve caused harm in so many areas, including the birthing process. This feels like a time I should be doing much more listening than I am speaking.

And while listening intently to the women on our platform, can I help by speaking as well?

I feel deeply connected to the importance of meditation during pregnancy and beyond.

When I began my own meditation practice 7 years ago, it transformed my relationships, health, and perspective of the world. I’ve often thought about how it may have impacted the early years of my mom’s motherhood journey too.

And I clearly remember the day that I read through all of the available research on the mind/baby connection…

I was floored as I took in study after study that showed just how much babies are impacted by their emotional environment — during and after pregnancy. Then I read about how much meditation can help.

Why are so few people speaking about this, and where is my place in the conversation?

I’m still not sure of the answer, but I figure I’ll find out much more by sharing this inquiry with you instead of just wondering.

It would be great to get your take, especially if you’re a hopeful, pregnant, or new mom.

If you have any thoughts on this post, please leave a comment below or send me an email at mark@expectful.com.

I’m listening.

Mark Krassner
Mark Krassner