Maternal Wellness Services: An Expectful Announcement

Maternal Wellness Services: An Expectful Announcement

As moms ourselves, we've been hard at work developing the platform we've always needed. Introducing Expectful's Maternal Wellness Services.

Written By
Nathalie Walton

Nathalie Walton

Expectful CEO
July 27, 2021

Dear Expectful Community,

Writing this letter feels surreal to me.

When I came onboard with Expectful, I had one major goal: to provide hopeful, expecting, and new moms with real, evidence-based support so that they can thrive in all the peaks and valleys of the motherhood journey… to go beyond the basics and offer something truly revolutionary. I had dreams for the community—and now they are being realized.

Introducing Expectful Maternal Wellness Services: one-on-one maternal wellness support, connecting you to top-notch specialists and allowing you to seek the personal care you deserve.

Accessible, Affordable Maternal Wellness Support is Finally Here

In addition to our meditations, courses, live events, fitness classes, and all the other content we’re sharing with the community, we know that moms and moms-to-be sometimes need personal, private, just-for-me appointments with an expert. And that’s not based on a hunch—that’s based on the real-life mamas that make up our Expectful team who wish they had this access to people who would listen and help. To put it simply: we know because we’ve been there. And we know you also might feel the effects of the significant gaps in the current maternal care model. Well, we aim to fix that through highly accessible, affordable, and above-average maternal wellness services.

That’s why Expectful Services was born. From nutrition to sleep to breastfeeding support, we’re helping you build your village for every part of this journey. We’ve curated a roster of maternal wellness experts to choose from, all of whom meet our standards of care, knowledge, and genuine warmth. These are not just guides and healers but those who are committed to empowering moms with know-how, confidence, and above all, self-love. We’re honored to have them as part of our community, and we can’t wait for you to meet them.

But there’s so much more to this experience that we’re excited to share:

It’s simple to use.

With easy-to-book virtual appointments, you can see the maternal wellness specialist you love for next-day care. Because we get it, when mama needs help, she needed help…yesterday.

It’s so much more than a one-off consultation.

Believe us when we say our specialists are committed to delivering a truly personalized experience, at every touchpoint, for a lasting impact on your well-being.

It’s not your average check-up.

We go beyond your typical standards with non-judgmental care, rooted in research and shaped by your needs & preferences.

And definitely not your average “bedside manner.”

Our vetting process involves more than just elite certifications in maternal wellness – we make sure our experts are personable, amazing listeners, and have that “it” factor. We found the best Mom Whisperers. 

It’s a game-changer for your maternal wellness care.

Our experts can answer the questions your doctors can’t, helping fill in the wellness gaps that so many of us mamas have experienced in growing, birthing, and raising a baby. You deserve this. And so does your baby.

I could go on and on about why I’m so excited to share this new resource with you, but the main reason? It’s the resource I wish I would’ve had—and all my mom friends had. So Expectful built it for you. We hope you enjoy the new offering, and that it’s another place to discover the joy and strength within you. 

With gratitude,

Nathalie Walton

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Nathalie Walton
Nathalie Walton
Expectful CEO