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Unique Gender Reveal Ideas: 9 Creative Ideas To Try

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas: 9 Creative Ideas To Try

Looking for unique gender reveal ideas that will surprise and delight your friends and family? Check out our top picks for inspiration.

Written By
Nicole Kainz

Nicole Kainz

April 20, 2023

You have seen them all over the internet and social media—unique gender reveal ideas. It seems like everyone is revealing their baby’s gender—or sex—in an over-the-top way.

For some, these reveals are big parties, and for others, they are often cute photos or gifts shared. The best part about a gender reveal is there are no rules.

You can share your baby’s gender—or another exciting reveal—in any way you want.

If you are looking for a creative way to reveal the gender of your baby, we have nine creative ideas to try. We will give you different ideas to make your reveal unique to you and your family.

Do You Have To Have A Gender Reveal?

In the age of social media, you may feel like a gender reveal is a must-do. While they are a super cute way to share exciting news about your baby, they are certainly not for everyone.

Gender reveals also don’t have to be huge parties or setting off fireworks. They can be a simple photo shared on social media or sent directly to close family and friends.

For some, they may wait to find out what the sex of their baby is until their baby is born. If this sounds like you, you can still take some of these ideas and make them work for you.

You get to decide what you do and do not share about your baby. Talk to your partner, and see how you both feel about gender reveals.

What Are Other Reveals You Could Do?

Some parents-to-be want to reveal exciting news about their new blessing but are uncomfortable sharing the sex of their baby, allowing their child to explore their own gender.

Keep in mind, the biological sex of your baby is the genetic makeup of their DNA.

Males have one X and one Y chromosome, while females have two X chromosomes in every cell. It is also the genitalia. Gender is more complex than that.

Gender is developed over time based on culture, roles, behaviors, and identity. Gender is an expression of oneself.

If you would rather not have a traditional gender reveal but love the idea of showing an exciting aspect of your growing baby in a unique way, there are other reveals you can do.

Instead of a gender reveal, you can simply reveal that you are pregnant.

Many parents-to-be choose to wait until after 11 weeks to announce their pregnancy. However, you can always announce your pregnancy when you feel comfortable doing so. Not to mention, you can also announce your baby’s name in a creative way.

What are 9 Creative Reveal Ideas To Try?

There are many creative ways to announce exciting news about your baby, including gender. We have narrowed down 9 of our favorite reveals. These reveals can be done in a party setting or in an intimate reveal and photographed.

Some of these reveals are easy to modify to announce your pregnancy or the name of your baby. We will add creative ways to make these modifications.

Also, remember that if you do wish to announce the sex of your baby, you don’t have to use traditional colors – pink for female and blue for male. Choose any color you prefer to represent males and females and use those.

Breakable Chocolate

A dramatic reveal idea is a breakable chocolate. Often in the shape of a heart, this sweet treat is made with tempered chocolate, molded, and filled with small candies.

Traditionally, it would be filled with pink or blue candies. You can also serve it with small bottles or booty candies to announce you are pregnant. You can also add a personalized message to announce your baby’s name.

These chocolates can be sent to the grandparents or special people in your life, and they can open them over a video call. You can also have them at a reveal party for everyone to see in person.

Reveal Candle

Reveal candles are particularly unique and customizable. These candles are handmade with a hidden message within the wax. The candle burns and the wax melts, revealing the hidden message.

The message may be “It’s a Boy!”, “It’s a Girl!”, “We’re Pregnant”, or the name of your baby. These candles are a perfect gift for the grandparents to be.


If you are looking for a special photo, balloons can be striking. Sure, many people use balloons in their gender reveals, but it’s for good reason. You and your partner can wear neutral clothing, while the balloons bring the pop of color with a clear message.

Balloons are also a great way to include older siblings, giving them an important job of holding the balloons.

Balloons can also be a dramatic way to announce your baby’s name. You can spell out their name with letter shaped balloons. If you are having a reveal party, this can be a perfect backdrop.

Write It In The Sand

If you live near the beach, writing a message in the sand can create a beautiful photo. This is a simple, inexpensive reveal idea with the end result being a gorgeous photo. If you and your partner are planning a babymoon to the beach, you can plan a photoshoot on the sand with a special reveal. Want to take it up a notch? Research local photographers in the area to help create your vision.

Send Grandparents A Flower Bouquet

If you are looking for a way to share a big reveal with the grandparents-to-be, you can send them a beautiful flower bouquet. If you are looking to keep it more traditional, send them a bouquet of pink flowers for a girl or blue flowers for a boy.

You can also send them neutral flowers with a note letting them know you are expecting or with the baby’s name. This reveal idea can help keep the grandparents involved in your pregnancy in a special way, even if they do not live near you.

Confetti Box

Like balloons, confetti done right can make a breathtaking photo. With you, your partner, and older siblings standing in the falling colorful confetti, reacting to the color around you, the pictures usually turn out really special.

While this would really lend itself to a gender reveal, remember, you don’t have to stick to pink and blue. Your partner and you can agree on what each color represents.

As you pull the boxes open for the confetti to fall down, make sure you have a designated photographer there to capture your reactions. Also, don’t forget to order biodegradable confetti. Even if you try and clean up every piece, some will flutter away.

Give a Practical Gift

Planning to reveal your pregnancy to your partner? Give them a small, memorable gift. This gift can be a onesie, booties, bib, or blanket for the baby to use. You can do this same thing with gender.

If you are comfortable, you can give them a gift in the color you associate with the gender of your baby.

Surprise Cake

You may be thinking gender reveal cakes are overdone, but cake artists are coming up with new and creative cake ideas all of the time. Some pieces of art come in cake form. One striking cake type is the surprise cake.

These cakes are filled with small candies that come pouring out when the cake is cute.

Much like the breakable heart-shaped chocolate, you can use different color candies to represent the sex of your baby. If you are announcing your pregnancy, fill the cake with baby rattles in different colors. You can also fill it with personalized chocolate candies with your baby’s name.


Sparklers are no longer only for New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July. Sparklers now come in many different colors and are striking to make your reveal. If you opt to announce your little one’s name, you can take a time-lapse photo as you write out the name with your sparkler.

If it is a gender reveal you are going for, you can light the sparklers displaying the color in an intimate setting with your partner. If you choose to have a party, hand everyone a sparkler, and they can start lighting them. You’ll start seeing a beautiful glow of pink or blue.

In Conclusion

Gender reveals have become a huge presence on social media and the internet, but they are not the only type of reveal you can celebrate. Many parents today are not comfortable sharing the gender of their growing baby until they can express their own gender.

Whether you are looking for a way to reveal the sex of your baby, reveal you are pregnant or announce the name of your little one, there are many creative reveal ideas to explore. These nine ideas we have listed above can be modified to fit your wishes. Use them in a personal setting for photos, or include them in a reveal party.

If you are expecting, congratulations! Expectful will be here for you every step of the way, offering sound, scientific, tried-and-true advice.

Nicole Kainz
Nicole Kainz
Perinatal Writer