Liv Lo Golding Talks Motherhood, Mastitis, and Her Marriage

Liv Lo Golding Talks Motherhood, Mastitis, and Her Marriage

When Liv Lo Golding found out she was going to be a mother, she says it forced her to take a hard look at her life.

Written By
Haley Tardy

Haley Tardy

September 1, 2022

“To become a mother, I had to put a lot down. Travel, stress, my career… I had to completely take a 180. I had to shift.”

When Liv Lo Golding and her husband, Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding, decided they wanted to be parents, she says she had to completely shift in her identity. After experiencing a miscarriage in 2020, she knew that her life as it was—traveling across the globe, flying several times a week, living in different cities, and working to build her company—had to change. 

In a recent Shared Story interview with Expectful, Liv explained to our team that while she once thought she could just drop things in her life, and pick up other things (like motherhood), she soon found it was not so simple. Instead, learning that she really had to step back and reevaluate what she could carry on doing while trying to conceive. 

“Selling my company, putting away my career for a little bit, and stress — we were finally able to get pregnant and make it to full term.”

In 2021, Liv and Henry welcomed their daughter, Lyla, and planted roots in Los Angeles, where the couple now calls home. But new motherhood has come with its own unique challenges — including a painful case of mastitis. Liv says that support from her husband and friends was a huge blessing as she navigated new motherhood, in a new country, and new home. 

From experiencing loss and gratitude for the journey, to mastitis while breastfeeding and watching her daughter, Lyla, walk on her first birthday. You can preview Liv’s story below, and find the complete 4-part series on the Expectful app. Shared Stories are always free to hear.

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Haley Tardy
Haley Tardy