A Moment to Take a Breath

This guided seated meditation provides an opportunity to cultivate a gentle and observing mind, without judging or assessing thoughts, feelings or emotions that may arise during this time of ending a pregnancy. This meditation is helpful no matter your stage of the journey, whether you are contemplating, in the process, or recovering from an abortion. These meditations were created by BRAVE Company, LLC and led by founder, Karen Sheffield-Abdullah PhD, MSN, CNM. The creator is a mindfulness instructor, certified nurse-midwife, and nurse-researcher with expertise in stress, anxiety, and perinatal mental health.

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BRAVE Company
BRAVE Company

Maternal Mental Health Support

BRAVE Company was founded by Karen Sheffield-Abdullah PhD, MSN, CNM, and is a service for moms and moms-to-be providing support through mindfulness and education. BRAVE is an acronym that stands for Boldly Resilient, Authentically Valued and Expecting. Both for the birthing individual and for non-pregnant individuals, "expecting" refers to the greater life expectations and to get what it is you want out of life.