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Meditation Loss


We are here for you during your healing journey. Meditation is scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, especially during challenging times in your life.

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Why Meditation?

“Mindfulness-based interventions, like meditation, have been associated with reduced perceived stress, anxiety, and depression in adults. Considering the importance of maternal health on birth outcomes, reducing maternal emotional distress can improve maternal wellbeing during pregnancy and health outcomes for her child.”
See why meditation works during your stage:
2021, Meditation and Mindfulness in Pregnancy and Postpartum: A Review of the Evidence, Babbar et al
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    Perfect way to begin the morning: calming the mind, connecting to the breath, energizing the body.


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    This meditation has helped me exit anxiety attacks and panic attacks. It has helped me breathe through a variety of situations in which I have felt overwhelming sadness and abandonment.It has reminded me that I have strength to get through anything and everything. Thank you


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    Perfect topics for this time in my life. Completely new to meditation. So appreciative for the peace and calm it brings, amidst this stressful/anxious time in my life, my mind, and my body.


    Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Uncertainty

    What-ifs, why-nots & what-nows -- the journey to motherhood is full of them, and we know it can be a lot. This collection supports you through acknowledging those emotions and living mindfully through each stage.
    Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Uncertainty
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