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Expectful Moments Photo Contest

Meditation is the art of mastering the moment. And parenthood is a collection of moments— the sweet and bittersweet ones, the hard-won and heartfelt ones. That’s why we created Expectful. We empower you to live in the moment, whether it’s overcoming your challenges or savoring your euphoria. Expectful’s meditations encourage you to be present for …


Lifted Into The World: This Month’s Birth Story

Originally Posted on Lifted Into The World I heard you before I saw you. Dear Emily, I heard you before I saw you. It was the most beautiful sound. It told me you were here, and you were healthy. January 26, 2016. 10:26am. 6 pounds 8 ounces. 10 fingers and 10 toes. Happy birthday Emily Rae! The truth …


Birth Story: Lexi

Most women will say that they had a great pregnancy and that their delivery was wonderful. Well I did not enjoy pregnancy. For me, it was one of the roughest things I’ve ever experienced and I had a delivery to match. During the end of my pregnancy, I developed an unknown virus which prompted me …


Birth Story: Yukie McGregor

Elena May The days leading up to my daughter’s birth were pretty calm. My grandmother from Japan had flown in so we spent the few days before Elena was born catching up with her. Tuesday we even went to TopGolf for a few rounds! I was convinced that I wasn’t anywhere close to being in …


My Natural-to-Me Childbirth

During my pregnancy I read a lot of books on natural childbirth. I watched many videos of women giving birth in tranquil settings – appearing to be in ecstasy – their babies sliding right out of them. For my daughter’s birth I dreamed of a version of this, but I knew I wanted to give …


The One Word That Transformed My Birth Experience

I used to be really uptight (OK, I’m still a little uptight), but during my pregnancy I was even more high strung than usual.  I read 32 pregnancy and childbirth books, scrolled through all the things on all the mama sites and made a lot of lists. I convinced myself that the more I planned …


Moms Who Inspire: Adriana Lozada

11 years ago, Adriana Lozada became a mother to her daughter Anika, and from that day forward, her personal and professional life changed forever. Before becoming a mother, Adriana worked in communications, co-founding a youth-oriented newspaper and media company in Venezuela. Her work helped to give a voice to the younger generation, allowing them to …

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