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Attend an intimate guided meditation or mindful movement class for the Expectful community, hosted by an Expectful Guide.

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Affirmations for Birth

Tuesday, May 17 at 8PM EDTKristen Victoria Hanna
30 Min - This grounding prenatal meditation is here to support you and provide affirmations as you build confidence in preparation for your birth. “Wonderful! So calming and grounding. Loved the affirmations”
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Connecting with Your Baby

Friday, May 20 at 1PM EDTOge Emetarom
30 Min - There are many external and self-imposed expectations and pressures surrounding motherhood. During your journey, it can be easy to lose connection with yourself and your growing baby. This session is intended to help reconnect you and your little one. "I feel more grounded. Thank you."
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Breathwork Workshop

Saturday, May 21 at 12PM EDTOge Emetarom
45 Min - Join a guided breathwork experience to connect with your body and the wisdom that lies within. Come with an open heart and mind to learn more about breathwork and move through a guided practice. “Oge is amazing and that workshop was priceless!”