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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be surrounded by empowering women?

Taryn Longo did, which is why she’s dediced to create women and mama circles in their local communities. “I wanted to be an empowered woman and I knew that that meant surrounding myself with a group of empowered women.”

As a way to break free from her destructive lifestyle in her early 20’s – Taryn started healing her emotional and physical pain by doing meditation and meeting up with other women that she knew could support her through her transformation. These meetups ended up turning into women’s circles and eventually mama circles that Taryn hosted to help women just like her feel empowered through life, birth and motherhood. Now after doing this for over 5 years – Taryn is a transformational teacher for women, specializing in the areas of pregnancy and motherhood. She is the co-founder of Birth Transformed, an approach to pregnancy + birth that teaches a command over your mind in coordination with a setting free of the heart.

In today’s episode Taryn talks to us about her personal jouney from hitting rock bottom to finding meditation, to becoming a mother and now to creating and helping other women create women and mama circles all over.

About Taryn Longo


We’ve all experienced that innate knowing when something needs to change, but we’re not quite sure what or how. Perhaps it comes to us during a time of significant transition; other times we simply realizing that we are tired of playing small and are ready to be seen. This is where I come in.

A long time New Yorker, my approach for empowerment facilitation is straightforward, eliminating any fluff or pretension that can be common in this field. I come to my work with extensive training from both New York and India in group facilitation, communications, meditation, inner yoga, and birth work.

Unravelling of the layers that hide the true feminine essence has been a running current throughout my adulthood. I first began exploring this theme a visual artist, and then as a co-founder of an internationally acclaimed women’s movement, through which I worked with thousands of women around the world. Now based in Ojai, CA, I continue to dive deeper through circles, events, one-on-one sessions, and birthwork. Women’s empowerment is a theme that’s endlessly inspiring to me, aligning both my personal and professional lives, culminating in a deep integrity that stands a cornerstone of my work.

Whether in circle, session or elsewhere, I am known for being able to hold an unbreakable container, no matter the depth of the content that arises. And in all of my work, clients learn to empower themselves from the inside; to be their own hero, and to lovingly hold their dark while finding and shining their light.