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Black Mamas Meditate

Made by Black mothers, for Black mothers, this free mediation collection was created to help women feel validated and less alone when facing the maternal mortality crisis.

black mamas meditate

Nathalie Walton

CEO, Co-Founder

About Black Mamas Meditate

My experience being pregnant as a Black mother was stressful, isolating, and ended in life-threatening complications during my son’s birth. It’s indisputable that Black women face an entirely different set of challenges than other pregnant women.

The crisis facing Black mothers is devastating and complex. Fortunately, there are many phenomenal women and organizations that have led the charge in combating racism in maternal care, long before Black Maternal health became topical.

Based on what I went through, and my conversations with countless other Black mothers, I wanted Expectful to create a meditation pack specifically designed for Black mothers by Black mothers.There is no pretending that meditation alone will solve the problem.

However, if these meditations can help just one woman feel validated and less alone, then we will have made a small contribution towards a complicated challenge.


We hope you find affirmation and comfort in these meditations.

Advocating for Yourself

Free Meditation

It Takes a Village

Free Meditation

Mothering as Liberation

Free Meditation

On Love and Survival

Free Meditation

Radical Self-Care

Free Meditation


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