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Finding Peace When Pregnant During Challenging Times

Finding Peace When Pregnant During Challenging Times

Our team has been so encouraged by the beautiful and honest stories you have shared with us about finding peace when pregnant during challenging times.

Written By
Rachel Edmondson

Rachel Edmondson

April 1, 2020

Our team has been so encouraged by the beautiful and honest stories you have openly shared with us about finding peace when pregnant over the past few weeks.

As a new mother, I have found myself grappling with several emotions as my family navigates our new normal. It is with these times of uncertainty that I find myself looking to our community to find the peace and energy I need to keep moving forward.

One woman writes to us, “Although we are concerned about what’s going on around us, we are super excited to meet our first baby in the first week of April. Of course, we had to make adaptations to our birth plan, and the first time will be quite different from what we imagined. We won’t have any visitors at the hospital or home until the baby is one month old. Still, we are looking at this as an opportunity to get to know our baby on a deeper level.”

There is something sacred and calm about the newfound solitude we have been given as a whole. As we learn to slow down, we have been given the gift of mindful connection with our partners, families, and innermost-selves.

I remember my own tender, postpartum experience, trying to soak up every last second of bliss. Oh, how I would have given anything to have one more moment; she and I, encapsulated in our little bubble, not ready to let the world in just yet.

And while we are inspired to embrace change and make way for new beginnings, it is okay to pause and hold space for the feelings that accompany the unpredictability of our current environment.

“Our baby boy is due May 6th, and I’m so fearful right now,” one woman vulnerably shares with us.

We are humbled by your honesty. Sharing your own fears and anxieties about how it feels to be pregnant during this time is nothing short of brave.

And more than ever before, we must practice patience and grace as we experience the emotions that come with traversing the unknown.

“I am so grateful for her, our health, and our small family, but the anxiety seems to build each day. I started a gratefulness journal so that I can remember to focus on the good things about the newborn stage and so that I can remember them. I don’t want to look back and only remember the anxiety. I want to remember her sweet face, her soft hair, the support my partner provides every hour of every day, the growth of our family, the slow walks we take in nature, the dancing and the music in our house, and the sweet baby smiles.”

With each story shared and each fear echoed- we find strength on the other side.

“I am 26 weeks and a little nervous about bringing a little, fragile human being into this mess. When I feel her move, it reminds me of what a miracle life is, how connected and supported we are, and how little control we have. I am trusting that it will be okay, and she will be safe. There must be a bigger plan! I am worried but excited to meet our little one in June. I am taking this time to slow down, rest, meditate, and connect with my baby. Trying to stay positive,” another woman writes.

Fear met with courage; worry with hope.

Despite what is happening in the world around us, it is your love and light that keeps us grounded and grateful.

And while we do not know what we will look like on the other side of this, I am confident we will be stronger than ever before.

Rachel Edmondson
Rachel Edmondson
Rachel Edmondson is a mother, author, and registered nurse living in Austin, Texas. Since becoming a new mom, rachel is on a mission to inspire all mothers to embrace the uniqueness of their own postpartum journey