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Meditation is scientifically proven to help both you and your baby.

why meditation works

Meditation is scientifically proven to help both you and your baby.


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Reduce Prenatal Stress

It’s normal to feel a bit worried and anxious during pregnancy, but it’s not ideal to be living in a state of super stress—for neither you nor your future baby. Meditation during pregnancy has tons of research-backed benefits for your state of mind, including lower levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Better Sleep

Getting good zzzs doesn’t always come easily during pregnancy—as you’d probably agree after yet another night of getting up to use the bathroom a zillion times! Evidence has shown that meditation can be hugely helpful to regulate your sleep and nervous system, including increasing the amount of melatonin that your body makes.

Benefits Your Baby

Practicing meditation and mindfulness may feel amazing for you, but it actually has considerable benefits for the little person you’re carrying, too. When you’re less stressed, your baby has a more optimal environment in the womb. And meditation might even help prevent an early birth—mothers who participated in a mindfulness and meditation program were less likely to have a preterm infant than those who did not practice mindfulness and meditation.

Coping With Labor

Meditation helps you tap into your own inner strength and intuition—which is really useful when labor rolls around. The mindful skills you grow and develop during pregnancy can be used for coping during childbirth. In one study, women who participated in a mindfulness-based childbirth education program designed to decrease fear and pain showed higher levels of self-efficacy and mindful body awareness.

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