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In the beginning of 2016, my parents and I began a family tradition… a recorded weekly Skype call in which we all ask one another a meaningful question that we all answer.

On one such call, my parents riffed on what life might have been like without me. It’s hard to tell by watching the video, but their response almost brought me to tears.

I’ve always had a healthy respect for parents, but after starting Expectful and learning about all the sacrifices and challenges moms and couples face… that respect has grown into deep admiration.

What you parents do is HARD! Yet I believe that I’ll never fully understand till I’m in your shoes.

I’ve also gotten present to the unparalleled opportunity to get connected with love and purpose that being a parent provides. But I bet when things are challenging, it’s not always so easy to remember that.

It occurred to me that maybe the clip below would help you out during some of the more challenging times you face on your parenthood journey.


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