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Everything You Need To Know About Prenatal Vitamins

When I became pregnant with my daughter Annabell, I didn’t know which prenatal vitamin to choose. So, I did what so many other pregnant women do, I went in for my initial doctor’s visit and asked my OBGYN to recommended one. Within seconds, they prescribed me an under the counter $60 bottle, and the next …


Kitchari: A Simple Recipe for a Voracious Appetite

As a breastfeeding mom, fueling my body is no joke. After dealing with nausea, food aversions and heartburn throughout my pregnancy, the joy of eating has returned. I love food, my baby loves to eat and breastfeeding makes me ravenous. Overall, it’ a winning combination. After a long and hard labor, the first thing I …


How to Plan for a Positive and Mindful Postpartum Journey

Over the years as I’ve become more deeply rooted in the birth worker space, one of the things I hear often from new mamas is that they weren’t told how raw and emotional the immediate postpartum period is. They share with me how they were showered with beautiful celebrations and encouraged to attend informative classes …

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