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Virtual Lactation & Bottle-Feeding Support

Feeding your baby—via breast, chest, or bottle—is made easier with support from a board-certified lactation consultant.

How a Lactation Consultant can support you


Don't wait and see—plan and prepare

Breastfeeding is biological—but it’s also a learned behavior for both you and your baby. Make a personalized plan for lactation, based on your life, goals, and personality. A lactation consultant will help you approach it all with holistic insight.

Build knowledge, build confidence

Knowing the norms for newborn behavior, feeding intervals, and much more can ensure your early days of feeding are not only successful—but a lot less stressful.

Questions? Answered.

Picking a pump? Check. The most soothing nipple cream? Check. Help with a clogged duct? Check. Our experienced professional lactation consultants have answers to all of your questions (and great product recommendations, too!)

Get a head start

Some moms-to-be may be more likely to hit breastfeeding bumps than others—such as those with flat or inverted nipples, prior breast surgery, or autoimmune or hormonal conditions. Meeting with an Expectful lactation consultant can help you get ahead of these issues and come up with a game plan to make feeding a success.

Meet our Lactation Consultants


Morgan Jackson, BSN, RN, IBCLC

Prenatal to postpartum feeding, pumping/returning to work
International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant
I prioritize listening to each parent's needs and welcoming her vision for her feeding goals while empowering her with evidence-based resources so that she can make informed decisions.

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