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How can support from others help us through our healing journeys?

Today’s guest, Lauren Chiarello who is the founder of Chi Chi Life is here to answer this question. Through her personal journey of beating cancer twice and later experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, Lauren found that when it comes to anyones healing journey, support is key. This support and compassion from others, even strangers at times, had such a huge impact on Lauren’s healing process that she now makes community support the foundation of her health and fitness classes so that others can connect and heal together.

On today’s episode, Lauren talks about her experience with fighting cancer, how she got through having an ectopic pregnancy and why she believes that support is the key to anyones healing journey.

About Lauren Chiarello


Founder of NYC-based Chi Chi Life which melds my three passions: fitness, fundraising + events + cancer advocacy. I am a lover of life, health + wellness + I am energized to build community through connection of shared experiences.