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Can body work help women heal after a cesarean birth?

After having an emergency c-section with her second child, Amanda Coslor felt unprepared when her recovery was more challenging than she anticipated. In effort to heal herself, she turned to somatic recovery and was so astonished by the results that she became trained in the somatic system known as biodynamics so she could help more women like herself heal after giving birth.

On today’s episode, Amanda is sharing her personal story, what somatic recovery is and how it’s being used to help women and men heal from trauma all over the world.

About Amanda Coslor


Amanda Coslor is a midwife who has practiced in Wisconsin, California and just recently licensed in Colorado where she relocated to with her family a year ago. Amanda has a long history as a community health educator. She became interested in women’s health and empowerment while working with women and girls suffering from the traumas of sexual exploitation, human trafficking, and drug addiction at the S.A.G.E. project in San Francisco. Amanda trained in a somatic system known as biodynamics, learning about trauma and its effects through a child development framework. She cares deeply about health care approaches that see people as whole and valuable members of their community. She also believes that communities have the innate ability to heal themselves when they have the support and resources available to them.