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When a baby is born the world seems to focus on childcare, but what about mothercare?

Enter Dayna Kurtz, the brains behind Huffington Post’s Mother Matters blog. From postpartum depression and “baby blues” to healing meals and postnatal exercise, Kurtz guides new and veteran mothers alike through the best practices to care for themselves as they care for their children.

On today’s episode, Dayna is sharing her personal motherhood journey and how she started using her background in social work and exercise science to help other mother’s navigate the emotional and physical side of this time in their lives.

Now Dayna has put all of her knowledge and years of experience into a book – “Mother Matters: A Holistic Guide to Being a Happy, Healthy Mom” available for preorder here.

About Dayna M. Kurtz


Dayna M. Kurtz, LMSW, CPT, is the author of the just released “Mother Matters: A Holistic Guide to Being a Happy, Healthy Mom” (Familius Press) and serves as the Director of the Anna Keefe Women’s Center at the Training Institute for Mental Health in Manhattan. A sought-after speaker, Dayna regularly presents on the subject of mothercare. She lives in New York City with her family.