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How can we live more in our truth as mothers?

This question has shaped this week’s guest, Alexandria Smith’s, path through parenting and motherhood and has sparked her creation of Nurture – an online monthly subscription that provides guidance on living intentionally as a mother. Within Nurture, Alex shares mindfully curated monthly meal plans and grocery lists for healthy living, guidance on living seasoning and support through her online community of mothers.

And on today’s episode, Alex reflects on the passage of time with her young children, how to cultivate gratitude, and how living close to nature shapes her family’s life. 

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About Alexandria Smith


Alexandria Smith lives with her husband on a little farm in California where they raise their three little ones. She is a homeschooler, certified postpartum doula, and keeper of all the precious seasons of motherhood for herself and others through honest photographs and words. She is the creator of Nurture; a monthly subscription for intentional living, simple provisions, and solidarity in motherhood. Alex is inspired by the innate connections and organic rhythms of everyday life with her children; the magic moments present in the mundane. Motherhood is her muse, and love is her platform.