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How can writing our birth stories help us connect and heal in motherhood?

This questions is something that today’s guest, Julie Tobi is very passionate about. As the creator of The Birth Journal, Julie encourages mothers to write their birth stories pen to paper. As a way to help them reflect, process and look back on their own unique experience of giving birth.

On today’s episode, Julie walks us through her pregnancy journey, why she created The Birth Journal, and how the act of writing her own birth stories has helped her to heal and connect with herself, her children and women all over the world.

About Julie Tobi


Julie Tobi became obsessed with birth stories while pregnant with her daughter, both for their strength and power, and for how they helped her prepare for childbirth. Following the birth of her children she wrote their birth stories by typing them on the computer. She found herself wishing she’d connected to the words and transformation of giving birth in a more tactile and meaningful way. This thought, combined with Julie’s strong reverence for motherhood and the nostalgic magic of handwriting, led Julie to create The Birth Journal, a guided keepsake journal for moms to write their birth story. Julie empowers mamas to connect to their birth story through journaling pen to paper, which is a beautiful keepsake to pass to their children if they wish. Julie has a MA in Counseling and also spends her time as a transformational life coach, working with women to live a life aligned with their intuition. She helps women get to that sweet spot of knowing and trusting their voice, and letting it guide them through life. Julie lives in Michigan with her husband and their two children, where you can find them going for long walks, exploring, and enjoying the every day moments close to home.