avatar Anna Gannon Editorial Lead at Expectful

How do we navigate fear when preparing for birth?

This question is something that today’s guest, Yukie McGregor, has experienced in her own life and throughout her work as the founder and CEO of Dallas Birth Guide.

On today’s episode, Yukie supports Anna in talking through some fears she has around giving birth the second time around. Yukie teaches Anna how to listen to her intuition and navigate fear during pregnancy in order to prepare for an empowering birth experience.

About Yukie McGregor:


Yukie McGregor is the Founder and CEO of Dallas Birth Guide, an online resource for mothers to become educated, empowered, and supported in their journey through pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, and beyond. She is a mother of one who is passionate about empowering women and giving them the opportunity to have their best experience in motherhood.
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