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Should we be interested in our reproductive health before we’re even ready to start a family?

Ashley Spivak and Natalia Hailes think so, and are here to open up a bigger conversation around our reproductive health.

Ashley and Natalia are the founders of Brilliant Bodies and the co-creators of Cycles & Sex. Through their work as birth doulas and reproductive educators, Ashley and Natalia encourage people to tap into their own brilliance by bringing awareness to their mind and body.

On today’s episode we are learning about what got Ashley and Natalia interested in becoming doulas, how Brilliant Bodies got started, and why they are on a mission to help women embrace and celebrate their hormonal, menstrual, reproductive and sexual health through their incredible Cycles & Sex events.

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About Natalia Hailes and Ashely Spivak


Natalia Hailes and Ashley Spivak are birth doulas and reproductive health educators hailing from Colombia and Long Island respectively. Their NYC based practice, Brilliant Bodies, has helped hundreds of families through the childbirth process. They are also the co-creators of CYCLES+SEX: IRL events + digital content to teach people about their bodies. They are contributors to multiple media outlets including Teen Vogue, MindBodyGreen and Refinery29 and facilitate workshops all over the city including the renowned YinOva Center and Prenatal Yoga Center. Find them at @cyclesandsex and @ourbrilliantbodies.