avatar Anna Gannon Editorial Lead at Expectful

There have been many surprises along this path towards welcoming my second child Atticus into the world.

Many of which caught me off guard, like:

When I said “It’s a girl” they told me “It’s a boy.”

When I said there’s no way my nausea could be worse than my first pregnancy, I was curled up in a ball for weeks.

And when they said birth would for sure be faster, it went slower, like twice as long slower.

But there have also been some pleasant surprises as well, many of which I share today on the podcast.

And of course, as with any motherhood journey there have been many, many life lessons.

Lessons in the power of support, my body’s wisdom and listening to my intuition.

And more than ever, lessons in love.

In love’s ability to grow and expand, for myself, my daughter, my son and my husband.

This motherhood journey has been nothing short of eye-opening and I’m so honored to be on it with all of you.


About Anna Gannon


Anna Gannon is a writer, yoga and meditation teacher, and the heart and voice behind Expectful and The Expectful Podcast.

Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Yoga Today and The Expectful Blog. She was a speaker at 2018 Mindful Parenting Event and a presenter at the 2014 Yoga Journal LIVE Event and the 2015 ECA fitness conference.

Anna came to meditation after losing her job at 7 months pregnant and worrying about the impact that the stress she was experiencing could have on her unborn child. After discovering the magic behind meditation, Anna became obsessed with learning more about the mind and consciousness, and how the awareness of both, or lack there of, could influence the way we raise our children.

Now, through her work at Expectful, her writing and her meditation and yoga teachings, Anna strives to help parents and parents-to-be to better understand themselves so that we can all, collectively, raise the next generation of human beings in a loving, compassionate and self-aware way.

You can contact Anna directly at info@annagannon.com