total time: 3 HR 30 MIN

Melanie Bearne, Hypnotherapist & Hypnobirthing Instructor

Unlock your innate ability to have a calmer, safer, more fearless childbirth experience.


Breathe. Trust. Know. Your body was made for this.

This immersive guide to hypnobirthing teaches you key skills to overpower fear and anxiety surrounding
childbirth, from mindful preparation, to partner inclusion, to birthing positions. The evidence-based lessons,
downloadable resources, and expert takeaways allow you to customize your hypnobirthing practice to your
birth plan, no matter what that looks like - a home birth, delivering in a hospital, unexpected hurdles, epidural
or no epidural, and so on. This course will have you trusting your body, relaxing your mind, and meeting your
little one or new addition with open, calm arms.

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This course is split into four chapters:

Understanding Birth
& Its Many Influences
Learning the Skills
& Drills
Giving Birth & The
Birth Environment
When Things Aren’t
So Straight-Forward

Plus, You’ll Have Full Access to the
Following Resources:

The Birth Partner’s Cheat Sheet
What Does Labor Feel Like - A Guide
Birth Partner Script


This Hypnobirthing course is built for the pregnant mother-to-be, helping to achieve a calmer, safer, and more relaxed birthing experience (really!). It’s for the anyone who has fears, concerns, or anxiety over the birthing experience, brought on my societal norms, images, and tropes. It’s for the mom-to-be who wants to take the control back into her own mind and allow her body to do the magnificent work it was built to do.
We suggest starting this Hypnobirthing course during the second trimester and continuing the practice up until your birth. But don’t feel discouraged if you’re beyond that window! It helps in even the later weeks of pregnancy as well.
This course is an honest, empowering guide to Hypnobirthing, including with a comprehensive breakdown of the birthing process, actual drills you can infuse into your unique practice depending on your specific birthing plan, what giving birth is really like, and finally, what to do if things don’t go as expected. Plus, you have access to downloadable resources and several hypnobirthing meditations you can come back to at any time.
This course takes a total of 3.5 hours to complete. We recommend continuing your practice thereafter to further prepare for the upcoming birth.

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