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Four Benefits of Meditation for Fertility


When I first began trying to get pregnant, I thought my physical health was of the utmost importance. I researched the best foods to eat, the best way to exercise, what vitamins to take and how to track my ovulation properly, but as my body got stronger, my emotions spun out of control.

I found myself stressing out during the two-week wait, and having a lot of anxiety about if my husband and I were going to be able to get pregnant. It was during this time that I began to realize how much my thoughts were affecting me and perhaps my chances of conceiving. Whenever I felt sad, anxious or depressed about not being pregnant it would impact my relationship, my energy at work, my cycle and the way I felt about myself.

Noticing this, I began to look for natural ways to decrease my stress and that’s when I came across the science behind fertility meditation. When I dove into the research of how meditation can help boost fertility, I was shocked to realize how much someone’s emotional well-being could factor into their ability to get pregnant.

Below are 4 scientific reasons why fertility meditation can positively impact your chances at getting pregnant.

The Science Behind Meditation & Fertility

Balanced Hormones

According to fertility specialist Dr. Robert Greene, nothing has a greater impact on fertility than hormone balance1. As most women, I believed that the only way to balance my hormones was through diet and exercise. I had no idea that meditation influences important hormone centers in the brain, which can promote hormone balance to help you conceive2 as well.

Reduced Stress

My stress was at an all time high while I was trying to conceive but I didn’t understand that that could impact my fertility. Numerous studies have shown that stress is linked to reduced fertility in both males and females3. In one study of 291 women undergoing IVF treatment, it was found that anxiety and depression also negatively affected fertility4. Luckily, meditating regularly is known to benefit your psychological health and stress management skills, allowing you to maximize your ability to conceive5.

Stronger Relationships

My marriage has never been as turbulent as it was while I was trying to conceive. However, when I started meditating my relationship with my husband improved and we started working together instead of feeling so alone in our struggles. Mindfulness practices enhance emotional regulation, patience, as well as self-kindness6. These qualities can help maintain and strengthen relationships with your loved ones, and provide a warm and loving environment for your baby.

Increased Compassion

The person I was most tough on during my fertility journey, was myself. I thought it was all my fault that we weren’t conceiving as quickly as we expected and I blamed my body for not doing what I wanted it to do. However, when I started meditating I started trusting my body and myself again. Meditation is known to be associated with increased compassion7. This serves as an effective tool for managing social anxiety, marital conflicts, anger, and other negative situations.

There are so many different forms of meditation out there but the one that really resonated with me while I was trying to conceive was Expectful. Their guided meditations are made specifically for women who are on their fertility journey, are perfect for beginner or advanced meditators, and spoke directly to what I was experiencing emotionally at the time.

However, what I truly loved aside from the fact that they are guided, was the variety of meditations that they offer. Their meditations cover both the emotional and physical side of fertility, they offer sleep meditations, gratitude meditations, walking meditations and meditations for relaxing or starting your day. All of which helped me to always feel supported no matter what I was going through.

If you’re interested in trying Expectful, check out their free trial here.


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Anna Gannon


Anna is a mother, writer, and a yoga and meditation teacher. Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen and Yoga Today. You can follow Anna on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

You can follow Anna on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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