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Expectful Moments Photo Contest

Expectful Moments Photo Contest

Expectful Moments Photo Contest

Written By
Anna Gannon

Anna Gannon

May 8, 2019

Meditation is the art of mastering the moment.

And parenthood is a collection of moments— the sweet and bittersweet ones, the hard-won and heartfelt ones.

That’s why we created Expectful. We empower you to live in the moment, whether it’s overcoming your challenges or savoring your euphoria. Expectful’s meditations encourage you to be present for all of it, and for the tapestry you weave with your child.

Which brings us to this moment.

We let participants know that we were looking for authentic photos of special moments-joyous, vulnerable, silly, difficult, tender, inspiring, honest.

We said we wanted real humans on both sides of the camera and photos that told us who people are, not just what they look like.

We received over 1,000 submissions with so many incredible stories.

With the help of our judges, we are happy to announce the top 10 winners!

10th Place

“I am the first man in all the generations of my family to see their child being born. This is our son is in the arms of Siya (grandfather).” – @milkandmaple

9th Place

“Tears are coming down my cheeks as I’m posting this. My baby boy will become a big brother in just a few days. I’m so scared to see his little face when he sees me with a baby in my arms. It breaks my heart just to think about leaving him when the time comes.” – @alletrejo

8th Place

“I was blessed to have been able to capture this beautiful mommas journey from her miscarriages to finding out she was expecting this little miracle.” – @ruthesquivelphotography

7th Place

“I believe every new parent looks at their new baby in “ooos & awees”. Especially when they give that big yawn. I’ve always wanted to capture one of those sweet yawns and this day I got one + a big proud daddy smile behind it. My heart instantly melted when I snapped it!” – @bellebrookephotography

6th Place

“This moment shows what overcoming defeat looks like! It’s crushing for a parent to feel like they can’t fix something for you. This moment portrays the emotion I felt when I understood “I don’t understand anything”. This moment showed me that your lack of vision, will help you visualize the world as never seen before!” – @rosspirelli

5th Place

“It’s too much!! ????” – @hannahreneefrancis

4th Place

“What this moment means to me, is hard to put in words.
Mia was tired. She was crying and Layla confidently said, “I will calm her down mommy.”
She laid next to her brand new baby sister and wrapped her arms around her.
She had prayed for this moment, for a younger sibling to love. We all had, every day for years.
Now here she was beside us, through the incredible gift of adoption.
Layla swayed, and quietly sang the sweetest song. Mia’s cries got softer and softer, until she fell sound asleep.
In this exact moment, these sisters were bonded forever.” – @kayandcrew

3rd Place

“Keeping this sweet boy close, as long as I can.” – @ktnewms

2nd Place

“Watching a family’s life change + grow before my eyes as entrust me to document their unique + personal story in this world is such an exhilarating experience. Birth adds an intimacy all its own and a bond between my clients and I that I cherish so dearly. When you watch a woman experience such a transformational action that her body was made to do, you can’t help but leave the experience humbled and full of joy.” – @kalinorton

1st Place

“What this moment means to me is… is truly so hard to put in words. There was a flood of emotions and love I had never even felt before. In such a chaotic moment with doctors, nurses and everyone standing over/around me I felt like everything was at a standstill; in that moment everything paused—almost like the room went silent, like it just the two of us—I was in total peace. I was made for this, this was meant to be… after the struggle to get pregnant, the severe morning sickness, the preterm labor scares, the bed rest, everything in this moment was worth it; it all made sense. There is nothing like a mother’s love & I am truly blessed and thankful to experience it. Pure joy and happiness.” – @alaynadunklin

Anna Gannon
Anna Gannon
Anna is a mother, writer, and a yoga and meditation teacher. Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen and Yoga Today.