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Moms Who Inspire : Kristin McGee

When I was 22 years old my boyfriend gave me one of the best Christmas presents I have ever received; a MTV Yoga DVD with Celebrity Yoga Instructor, Kristin McGee. That DVD is what made me fall in love with yoga and inevitably become an instructor in NYC. So to say I was excited to …


Moms Who Inspire : Liddy Arens

Before interviewing Liddy Arens, I was already immensely intrigued by her story, or should I say her “birthing stories.” Liddy, a mother of four, has had two unassisted births, and all her babies were born in super relaxed meditative states. As a new mom who recently went through labor, this was really hard to comprehend. …


Moms Who Inspire: Nicole Dabeau

Nicole Dabeau, a TV Host for Fox Sports, is on a mission to change the way we think as women. Nicole is a new mom to a 6 month old little girl named Charlie whose journey through pregnancy and motherhood gave rise to her new passion project: globally unifying women. There was something about my …


Moms Who Inspire: Chin Twins

When I created our Moms Who Inspire series, the Chintwins were the first women I wanted to interview. I’ve known one half of them, Crissy Barker (wife to photographer Nigel Barker) for two years now and every time I talk to her I am pulled in by her positive presence. Her sister Kimmy, who I met last year, …


Moms Who Inspire: Heidi Kristoffer

When I think of Heidi Kristoffer only one word comes to mind: Balance. Whether it’s balancing career and home or literally balancing on her hands (she’s known for her killer yoga inversion skills), this mama of two knows how to juggle all the different things that are thrown her way. Heidi is the creator of the …


Moms Who Inspire: Taryn Longo

You know those moments when you meet someone and there’s something deep inside of you that somehow knows you were meant to connect? That’s exactly what happened when I met the creator of Wild Heart Family, Taryn Longo. Taryn is the mother of two children, Jackson (4) and Rabia (1). She is a birth and postpartum …


Moms Who Inspire: Yael Cohen

I’ll never forget the first time I came across Yael Cohen. It was a rainy day in New York City and my three-month old daughter had been screaming for the better part an hour. I was at my wits end when she finally fell asleep on top of me. Since I couldn’t move much I …


Moms Who Inspire: Elena Brower

I have been a yoga teacher for five years and during that time I have come across many thought leaders in the yoga space, but very few have intrigued me as much as Elena Brower. I first heard about Elena a few years back. A friend described her to me as “A yoga teacher who …

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