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Moms Who Inspire : Liddy Arens

Before interviewing Liddy Arens, I was already immensely intrigued by her story, or should I say her “birthing stories.” Liddy, a mother of four, has had two unassisted births, and all her babies were born in super relaxed meditative states. As a new mom who recently went through labor, this was really hard to comprehend. …


My Experience With Meditation For Postpartum Depression

When I became pregnant last year I was elated. I had been trying to conceive for six months and when I saw the positive pregnancy test, I couldn’t help but smile ear to ear. It had finally happened, I was going to be a mother. The day my daughter Annabell was born was the best …


The Benefits Of Meditation During Pregnancy

I’ll never forget the day I found out I was pregnant. I was filled with a roller coaster of emotions from excitement to fear, to love and anxiety, to a sense of comfort and a waterfall of uncertainty. As my emotions went up and down, all I could think about was getting to see my …


Two Weeks Overdue: How I Fought To Not Induce

During my pregnancy I followed everything suggested. I ate well, napped, reduced stress, eliminated caffeine, alcohol and sushi, stayed hydrated, practiced yoga, walked, and meditated.  I took classes—childbirth education, breastfeeding, infant CPR, and baby care. I hired a doula and wrote a birth plan. I was ready! At 37 weeks I started following all the …


Letter To My Pregnant Self

Dear Pregnant Self, Hey girl. Look, you know I am not one for the cheesy stuff — I’m not a very romantic person. I don’t like Hallmark cards. I don’t even like Valentine’s Day. So you know that I’m not prone to overstatement when I say this: You are about to meet the love of …


The Simple Practice That Might Change The World

Have you ever went to do a quick Google search that lead to hours of internet surfing? Well, I’ve been there more times than I’d typically admit, but looking back I’m filled with gratitude. Because during one of those search engine adventures, I found something that changed the course of my life forever… The infamous …


Shame on Sharing

I was the third person to know my best friend was pregnant. First was her husband. Second was her yoga teacher in response to, “is anyone pregnant?” [in the class]. Then the following day after eating brunch, she said, “I can’t keep this in, I’m pregnant.” After the initial excitement of the news subsided, I …


Birth Story: Yukie McGregor

Elena May The days leading up to my daughter’s birth were pretty calm. My grandmother from Japan had flown in so we spent the few days before Elena was born catching up with her. Tuesday we even went to TopGolf for a few rounds! I was convinced that I wasn’t anywhere close to being in …

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