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Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Sleep. It’s the topic most well-wishers mention when you find out you’re expecting. “Sleep all you can right now!” they say. While this is entirely well meaning, a Pediatric Sleep Consultant might hold the real secrets to mom and baby sleep.

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One of the biggest struggles new parents face is lack of sleep. Unfortunately, there’s no magical “sleep bank” to deposit pre-baby snoozes, though we wish there were  because once the baby arrives, we can become desperate for sleep, especially when we don’t get it night after night, after night. Enter: a pediatric sleep consultant.

A pediatric sleep consultant (sometimes called an infant or toddler sleep coach) is someone who teaches your baby how to sleep. Sounds dreamy, right? And the best news is that you don’t need to wait for a moment of desperation to find value in their teachings.

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Did You Know?

Studies have shown that parents suffer significant sleep deprivation, especially in the first 2 years of a baby’s life.

A sleep consultant can help families optimize their sleeping patterns, getting more rest sooner. 

Did You Know?

Improving your little one’s sleep is essential in improving your well-being. A 2007 study found that poor baby sleep can lead to poorer mom health – physically and mentally. 

Did You Know?

New moms spend approximately 105 tired days at work after maternity leave. Working with a sleep consultant can help you gain more rest so you can show up better at work.

How a Pediatric Sleep Consultant Can Support You

Before your baby comes is the best time to make sure you’re set up with a good sleeping environment and you have the tough conversations with your partner about how to help each other out in those foggy newborn days. In a prenatal sleep consultation, a certified sleep consultant can help you filter through the noise of what to include and what is totally unnecessary in building a sleep sanctuary for your baby. They can also prepare you for what’s to come so that you and your partner have the same expectations around what is normal and what you can do to help your newborn create a healthy sleep foundation

Sleep consultants offer all kinds of services, but the most common are virtual consultations. With all of the books and articles about different sleep methods (cry it out, don’t cry it out, Ferber, fade out, and the list goes on…), it can be overwhelming to know what to do. 


If you choose to meet with a sleep consultant, they’ll ask you detailed questions about your child, your parenting style, and your routine. With all of this information, they’ll work with you to create a sleep plan for you and your child. Most of sleep shaping is having the right support in place, so be sure that your sleep consultant is someone you fully trust and respect and is aligned with your parenting philosophy.


And remember, what is often referred to as “sleep training” is recommended after your child is at least 4 months old. Working with a sleep consultant prior to that milestone is more to establish a healthy sleeping-feeding routine, understand night wakings, cat naps, and to gently start to teach some independent sleep skills. 


One more thing. Children go through sleep transitions and progressions throughout their infant and toddler years, such as growth spurts or developmental changes, that can cause a normally “good” sleeper to have more disrupted sleep patterns. These can be challenging times for parents, which is why we are grateful for the support and guidance of pediatric sleep consultants to help us navigate those difficult transitions.

Meet One of Our Experts

expectful Hi, I’m Julie.

I’m a certified pediatric sleep consultant.

I love helping moms restore peace back into their homes. Getting parents sleeping well again because I was able to help their children sleep is what is so important to me. I want the whole family thriving as a result of our time together.

Support I offer: Nursery prep, Infant sleep, Toddler transitions 


Because there is no licensing agency for sleep coaches, you do not need to be trained to call yourself a sleep coach or sleep consultant. With the help of our team of expert advisors, we have sought sleep consultants that have been certified by the following reputable organizations:

Cradle Coach Academy

Family Sleep Institute 

Gentle Sleep Coach 

Institute of Pediatric Sleep Consulting

Soon-to-be parents who want to get a head start on setting up a good sleep environment and managing their expectations can work with a sleep consultant during pregnancy. 


After baby comes, parents reach out for sleep support for any number of reasons as they figure out how to best support their baby’s sleep so that they can get more sleep, too.


The most common sleep transition that parents need help navigating is the 3-4 month sleep transition, when babies begin to be receptive to routines and their circadian rhythms change. Remember, older babies and toddlers have sleep transitions, too. Whether that’s moving to a new room (or a new bed), dropping a nap, weaning from the pacifier, etc.


Being proactive about these transitions and working with a sleep consultant to develop the best plan of action not only gives you peace of mind, but it also can help promote good habits from the get-go rather than having to work to undo any sleep habits down the road.


How do I know if I really need support from a sleep consultant?

When you aren’t getting restful sleep for several days because your little one isn’t getting restful sleep, it’s probably time to call a sleep consultant. They are trained to help parents navigate all sorts of facets of children’s sleep, such as:

  • Sleep environment
  • Newborn sleep
  • Feeding and sleeping schedules
  • 3-4 month sleep transition
  • Naptime routines and lengthening naps
  • Dropping-a-nap transitions
  • Transitioning out of the swaddle
  • Moving from bassinet to crib
  • Graduating from crib to toddler bed
  • Pacifier weaning
  • Preparing for daycare sleep

When you book an appointment with a sleep consultant, you’ll complete a questionnaire related to your little one’s current sleep habits and your philosophy. If you can, it’s helpful to keep an additional sleep log of when and how long they sleep for and any other notes that would be helpful to give context to your sleep consultant. 

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