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Transitioning to Solids

In this appointment with a nutrition expert, you'll learn how to support your child's progression to solids. You'll learn how to identify when your baby is developmentally ready for solids and specific strategies for introducing purees, baby-led weaning, or a combination of both. You'll discuss what, how much, and how frequently they should be eating as well as how to navigate potential allergies, all with your baby's nutritional needs in mind.
45 minutes $100
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Physical Therapy

Prenatal Pelvic Floor Coaching Appointment

In this appointment with a pelvic floor health expert, you will learn about how your pelvic floor evolves during pregnancy, delivery (vaginal or cesarean), and postpartum. You will learn exercises to optimize pelvic floor function, and have the opportunity to ask questions—no topic is TMI! Please note: This session is not for anyone with an existing pelvic floor diagnosis; it is most beneficial for those interested in prevention or in discussing if in-person pelvic physical could be right for them.
30 minutes $75
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Baby & Toddler Sleep Quick Q&A

Perhaps sleep is going well for you and your little one, but you have just 1-2 questions you're feeling stumped on. In this quick but impactful session with a pediatric sleep consultant, you'll be able to get answers to your questions so you can move forward more confident. FSA/HSA cards accepted.
15 minutes $20
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Gestational Diabetes Appointment

In this appointment with a nutrition expert, you'll learn ways to manage your gestational diabetes diagnosis and develop blood-sugar balancing nutrition habits to have a healthy and nourished pregnancy. FSA/HSA cards accepted.
75 minutes $150
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Prenatal Lactation Appointment

In this appointment with an IBCLC, you'll learn how to be proactive in troubleshooting the most common newborn feeding issues and discuss the right pumping and bottle supplies to have on hand. This helpful for any parent-to-be who wants to be prepared for nourishing their baby, and is especially beneficial to those expecting multiples or who have medical conditions that may make nursing more challenging. FSA/HSA cards accepted.
60 minutes $95
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Newborn Lactation Appointment

In this appointment with an IBCLC, you'll discuss your feeding goals, have your baby's latch assessed and a feeding observed. You'll also be able to troubleshoot any concerns that you may be experiencing such as: breast/nipple soreness, baby weight concerns, milk supply, supplementation. Together, you'll come up with the best plan forward for nourishing your baby while keeping mom healthy. FSA/HSA cards accepted.
90 minutes $165
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Nutrition, Lactation

Nutrition for Breastfeeding

In this appointment with a nutrition expert, you'll learn about your body's changing nutritional needs when breastfeeding and pumping to create a plan that supports your energy, vitality, and milk supply while adjusting to your new 24/7 schedule with baby. Plus, cover any questions you have about food sensitivities or allergies that you may be noticing in your feeding journey.
75 minutes $150
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3-4 Month Infant Sleep Appointment

In this appointment with a pediatric sleep consultant, you'll learn how to navigate the 3-4 month transition in which baby starts to develop regular sleep and feeding patterns. You'll learn how to develop daytime and nighttime sleep routines and best practices so that baby is getting sufficient rest to aid in their development and set them up for sleep success. You'll work together to build an age-specific action plan that aligns baby's sleep needs with your own parenting sleep philosophy and sleep goals. FSA/HSA cards accepted.
60 minutes $125
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Physical Therapy

Postpartum Exercise Appointment

In this appointment with a perinatal physical health expert, you will receive guidance and recommendations for returning to exercise safely after birth. Your movement, strength and alignment, and posture may be assessed in order to personalize your program so you can get stronger faster.
45 minutes $90
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Nutrition Follow-Up

In this follow-up session with a nutrition expert, you'll be able to assess the progress from your last appointment, revise strategies, stay accountable, and troubleshoot any new issues that may have arisen help you succeed in your nutrition journey. FSA/HSA cards accepted.
30 minutes $55
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