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What would it feel like to trust your journey through some of the most difficult times of motherhood?

Today’s guest, Mellisa Reeves, who is the co-founder of the Motherbirth, a doula and a coach has bumped up against this question multiple times. As a mother who’s experienced both miscarriages and a stillbirth, Mellisa really understands the challenges that arise around learning to lean into trust, rather than fear.

On today’s episode Mellisa is sharing her path through love and loss, how it’s taught her to trust in herself, her children and her body, and why, in sharing her story, she hopes that every women regardless of whether their journey’s have been smooth or rocky, deserves a seat at the motherhood table.

About Mellisa Reeves


Mellisa Reeves is a doula, coach and co-founder of the Motherbirth podcast & community. She works with women who have experienced pregnancy loss and want to trust their bodies again; helping them find their own path to healing and hope through the innate intuition they each possess.

Brought up with an innate love for simple, natural, rhythmic living, Mellisa’s perspective on life & motherhood comes from a slow re-awakening to the depth of feminine wisdom through her experiences of stillbirth, multiple miscarriages & postpartum anxiety. Mellisa is based in Portland but travels semi-full time with her husband and two kids, exploring the world and connecting with others also tending the most important passages of life.

You can find Mellisa’s coaching and online courses at Trust Your Body Again, and connect with her on Instagram for birth and motherhood inspiration.