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What if you were the best expert on how to raise your child?

Lauren Brown believes you are, and is on a mission to help women and men trust and listen to their instincts when it comes to parenthood.

After experiencing her own ups and downs during her motherhood journey, Dr. Brown decided to focus her psychology work on helping people through the mental and emotional side of the complete parenthood journey – from fertility, to miscarriage, to childbirth and parenthood.

In today’s episode Dr. Lauren discusses her personal journey with motherhood, how it shaped her work in psychology and why she believes every parent could benefit from learning to trust themselves.

About Dr. Lauren Brown


Dr. Lauren Brown is a licensed clinical psychologist and health service provider in Concord, MA. She counsels women and their partners on fertility and family planning, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum health, and work-life balance. She helps individuals recover and sustain a healthy sense of self and well being after the major life changes of child loss, child bearing and child rearing.

Dr. Brown has broad expertise in women’s issues of all kinds, with specialized training in crisis, grief, and trauma support. She has presented at National conferences and to general audiences speaking on the topics of perinatal mental health, gender identity, countertransference, and suicide prevention. Dr. Brown uses an integrative approach to treatment, drawing on clients’ needs and personal preferences. Her style is warm, authentic, and nonjudgmental, focusing on one’s inherent strength and wisdom in guiding their healing journey.