avatar Anna Gannon Editorial Lead at Expectful

What if you could document a “day in the life” of your parenthood journey as it is in this moment?

If you ask me as a mother to a two year old, there’s nothing I’d wish for more than to have my daughter remember the days we have had together. So when I was introduced to Deborah Barak, a Documentary Family Photographer who captures the everyday messy and beautiful in-between moments of parents and children’s lives, I was all ears.

After having Deborah in my home to document my and my daughter’s life, I invited her to be a guest on The Expectful Podcast. On today’s episode she’s sharing her passion for connection and how she’s bringing the love between parents and children to life through her photography.

The moments Deborah captured of me and my family which are showcased here in this post will forever be some of the most treasured gifts of my life.


About Deborah Barak


Deborah Barak is a South African born, documentary photographer who lives in New York City. She specializes in family photography where she approaches sessions with a photojournalistic eye, making it her mission to present families with an archive of moments that tell the story of who they really are as a family.

Her “Day in the Life” sessions embrace the chaos and the beauty of life with kids, and aims to get parents in picture, to reflect back at them and acknowledge ups and down of the parenting journey.

Deborah has worked for many years as a TV producer and is an avid street photographer, always drawn to exploring the huge diversity of human experience and finding common ground with her photographs.