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What does it look like to recover from trauma as a mother?

Today’s guest, Taryn Longo, a women’s empowerment professional who has dedicated her life to helping women reclaim who they are regardless of what their experiences have been, is here to share her answer to this question.

As a survivor of abuse in her younger years, Taryn lived much of her adult life unconsciously escaping what she had experienced. However, after giving birth to her two children, Taryn declared that she had had enough with the life that she was living at the mercy of her trauma and decided to embark on a journey within. Her experience going inward not only transformed her and her life, but also sparked a women’s empowerment movement with other women all over the country. On today’s episode Taryn helps to remind us as women, mothers and humans in general, that they are powerful, resilient, and never, ever alone.

About Taryn


Taryn’s work merges depth psychology, Somatic Experiencing, meditation and spirituality with her expertise cultivated through over 10 years in women’s work, pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood to create a powerful and incredibly effective approach to self-actualization.