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How can we show compassion for ourselves and each other as mothers?

This question is something that today’s guest, Kelly McKnight is passionate about sharing within the parenting world. Through her work in the birth community and her social media platform, Kelly advocates that women’s voices – particularly women of color – need to be heard and respected.

On today’s episode, Kelly walks us through her journey with releasing control through motherhood, the disparities that women of color experience in pregnancy and birth, and why she’s so passionate about her work with Ergobaby.


About Kelly McKnight


Kelly McKnight is a Doula, CLEC, Babywearing Educator and Community Manager for Ergobaby. Having gone from a SAH mom, to working full time, and traveling all over the country she believes in supporting other mothers through the complex journey of balancing a career and family. She has dedicated her career to bringing other women of color to the table in the parenting world so the major challenges facing our communities can be brought to the surface and begin creating a positive impact for the future. She is passionate about green living, intentional choices, true feminism and self care. Kelly lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three young children with another on the way.