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How do our relationships with ourselves and our families impact our parenting?

This question is something that today’s guest, Renee Morrison has been discovering since becoming a mother to her son. Her life experiences have created a passion inside of her for things like self-love, self-awareness, and equality. She is an ambassador for Room To Grow and the creator of Love, Sex, and Relationships for life school, Live It Up!.

On today’s episode, Rene walks us through how her childhood shaped her into the woman she is today, why self-love is at the forefront of her passions, and she takes us through the amazing birth of her son, Rebel.



Renaissance woman Renee Morrison’s talents and passion span across industries: philanthropist and advocate for NYC/Boston nonprofit Room To Grow, interior designer, entrepreneur, and creative artist.

She is a passionate mother and wife, a believer in the flow of love between all people, and a fierce advocate for equality and independent thought.

Born into a cycle of substance abuse and poverty, Renee has surpassed all expectation for her life. By recognizing and taking ownership of every story that has made up the context of her life, and pursuing her dreams without self-imposed restrictions, Renee managed to alter her perspective and transcend all possible limitations.

Her ultimate motivation is in helping others reach and remain in a state of purposeful, radical self love. By identifying self- sabotage and moving toward self-awareness, she believes anyone can discover self-love. Through this mission, Renee has devoted her life to building community, positivity and empowerment.

Renee’s time is dedicated to her many passion projects: the Museum of Dance (MOD); an immersive, breakthrough experience that shows people of all ages the transformative power of dance; “Modern Mamas,” a docu-series that empowers mothers across the globe to form a collective community of support and encouragement free of judgement; her highly anticipated Module on Love, Sex, and Relationships for life school, Live It Up!.

Exciting upcoming appearances include hosting a workshop for attendees of the life-changing 2019 Marfa trip, focused on reaching internal balance and self-love.

For healing and inspiration, you can find her @reneemmorrison on Instagram.