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Could the foundation of raising children who love themselves begin with how we love ourselves?

January Harshe believes so and has began a Self-love Generation movement on top of her already massive following as the founder and face behind Birth Without Fear.

On today’s episode, we are going to discuss why January started Birth Without Fear and what happens at her Find Your Village events. We’ll also be learning how self-love has evolved for her over these last few years and why it’s a big part of her focus today.

About January


January Harshe is a wife and a mother to six children. With each of her birth experiences being so different, she wanted to inform women of their birth options and then support them in their own individual choices. She started the Birth Without Fear Facebook page as an outlet for this passion in May 2010 and the Birth Without Fear Blog followed in October 2010.

She now supports women through other social media outlets as well, such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. However, she also wanted to inspire, support and unify women in their communities. She launched Find Your Village events to see the amazing connections and healing taking place among attendees. January also host The Harshe Podcast along side her husband Brandon Harshe. The podcast is a place where they discuss things like kids, parenting, marriage, business and physical and mental health.

January’s passion is to support women on their journeys of womanhood, pregnancy, birth and motherhood with peace, love and healing.