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What if, in the midst of your infant daughter’s terminal cancer, you decided to see her diagnosis and every last moment you had left with her as a gift?

For Katerina Mayants, this was a reality.

At 25 years old, her infant daughter died and while going through what is easily every parents worst nightmare, she awakened to connection, love and purpose.

On today’s episode, Katerina is sharing her personal story, how she dealt with the death of her daughter and how she’s now through her new book Happiest Mom On The Block she’s helping mother’s all over the world reignite their fire within.

About Katerina Mayants


Featured on Fox Radio, Iheart radio and numerous stations nationally-critically acclaimed author Katerina Mayants is a wife and mother of four who shares her biggest struggles and breakthroughs in parenting, marital strife and more importantly understanding of her soul purpose. Everything was perfect when she met the love of her life and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Until one day, a terminal cancer diagnosis of her daughter left her childless and suicidal. Shortly after losing her daughter, she lost her job, her friends and almost lost her marriage to infidelity. After hitting rock bottom, she was compelled to set sail on a journey to discovering the meaning of life and blessings of tragedies. Along her journey she discovers the biggest eye opening, paradigm shattering secrets to true happiness and bliss. She was finally able to bask in the light that was once at the end of a very long, very dark tunnel. Giving birth to three more children she shares her biggest secrets to raising happy, respectful and loving children who adore life in the same way she does. This course is a compilation of thousands of hours of research and experiences that will leave the student with a deeper understanding of the privilege of motherhood, the secrets to a satisfying marriage and the gift of discovering who you really are so that you too can be the happiest mom on the block!