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Expectful Brings Access to Mental Health into Brick and Mortar

When I joined Expectful in early 2020 I had dreams of expanding access to holistic care for moms and moms-to-be—access that goes beyond the app experience and shows up right where you are, when you need it most. That’s why I couldn’t be more proud to announce that just over a year later, gift cards …


Positive Pregnancy Test? Here’s What to Do Next

This article was created in collaboration with Labcorp. Are you feeling those classic pregnancy symptoms? Nausea, sore breasts, bleeding gums, fatigue? You may be feeling excited, scared, happy, nervous, worried, confused—or all of the above at once. We understand! Becoming pregnant changes your life, forever. You’re standing at the threshold of a new experience – …


Take the Anxiety Out of the Two Week Wait

This article was created in collaboration with Labcorp. You’re hopeful and excited. Dreaming of a possible pregnancy that could be budding – right now. You’re anxious, worried, and incredibly distracted. Sound familiar? Yup – sounds like the classic two week wait struggle. When you’re trying to conceive, the infamous two week wait (the time between …


Am I Getting Enough Folate? Why it’s Important During Pregnancy and How to Test

This article was created in collaboration with Labcorp. If you’re pregnant or trying to become pregnant, you’ve probably heard it once or twice (or a million times over): you need to get enough folate in pregnancy. Folate, also called “B-9,” is a vitamin that helps with many key processes in the body, including cell growth …


Ovulation: A Complete Guide to Length & Signs

There are so many intricate details about the female body. One of those functions is ovulation. You probably know the jist, but do you know why you ovulate, when you ovulate, how long ovulation lasts, or how to tell if you are ovulating?  If you are trying to become pregnant now or in the future, it …


10 Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy (Plus Our Favorite Pregnancy Test to Prove it!)

This article was created in collaboration with Labcorp. When you’re trying to conceive, every little twinge or sensation in your body has you wondering…is this it? A little queasy after lunch? Pregnant. Moody and short with your partner? Pregnant. We’ve been there: anxious, hopeful, and confused about what’s actually going on and what it all …


How to Increase Milk Supply: A Complete Guide

Did you know one of the biggest reasons women stop nursing is due to concerns about supply? We want to help change that and make it as simple as possible for you to increase milk supply. Whether you’re breastfeeding, pumping, combo-feeding with formula, or juggling a mixture of them all (we see you, mama!), we are …


Think You Have Diastasis Recti? Here’s a Complete List of Symptoms, Treatment, & Prevention

Before we get into Diastasis Recti, we want to acknowledge something first: your body has done amazing things. From getting pregnant (which can be a mountain to climb) to carrying a baby for 40-ish weeks, then birthing that baby, and now raising your little one — physically, you’ve been through a lot. It’s important to …


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