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What happens when we give each other permission to feel what we are feeling?

This question is at the center of Dan Doty’s work as a co-founder of Evryman and the mind (and voice) behind Expectful’s new Fatherhood Meditation Library. Dan is passionate about helping men connect with their emotions and vulnerability so that they can serve their partners, families, and communities better. 

On today’s episode, Dan walks us down the path that lead him to men’s work, how his relationship with his own father has changed since becoming a dad, and how we can all slow down, feel more, and share our experience with somebody.


About Dan Doty


Founder of Evryman, Dan Doty is the tip of the spear of a global movement to create emotionally healthy men. At the core of his message is human connection and how connected men can and will lead to a safer and more equitable world.

In his early 20’s, he led groups of wayward young men on therapeutic wilderness expeditions, staying out in the wild up to 50 days at a time. In between time in the woods, Dan became a New York City Teaching Fellow and taught high school in the Bronx. He sat in his first men’s group in New York in 2009, and the future vision of Evryman had its seed.

Dan took a professional detour and joined a television crew as a guide and PA on The Wild Within on the Travel Channel. This turned into quickly producing, shooting, and/or directing over 60 episodes of the hit hunting and food show, MeatEater.

Along with 3 co-founders, Dan launched Evryman in early 2017. The first full day summit of the team members included a 2 hour break to march in the historic Women’s March in New York City. Evryman is creating an entire ecosystem for men to engage with themselves and others in healthy ways. Evryman groups are free, peer led “emotional crossfit gyms” where men meet regularly to support one another. These groups and the men in them are supported by growth oriented retreats, leadership trainings, performance coaching and online education. As the organizations lead facilitator, Dan has been the prime creative force in building these experiences and offerings.

Evryman has exploded onto the public scene with a spate of articles in Elle, Men’s Health and the New York Times, and a deep segment on the Today Show. Thousands of men have been impacted by Evryman and the momentum is growing fiercely.

Dan is a man’s man with a well-developed tender side. He embodies the ability for men to be exactly who they are, and is sharing that message that there are as many definitions of manhood as there are men on the planet. His writing, his podcasts, and his speaking are imbued with a simple and consistent message that we are all good at our core and the best thing we can often do is slow down, get in touch with what we feel, and take the risk to be vulnerable with others.