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Could our postpartum healing begin with looking within ourselves for what we need?

Rachelle Garcia Seliga believes so and is here to share with us the wisdom that has been passed down to her – wisdom that she now teaches to people all over the world in her trainings.

On today’s episode Rachelle is sharing her personal journey towards becoming a midwife and why she’s shifted her focus towards more Well-Woman Care and ceremonial work. We’ll also be learning about Rachelle’s INNATE Postpartum Care Certification Training and how you can signup for her next one coming up in New York City.

About Rachelle Garcia Seliga


Rachelle Garcia Seliga, is a Mother, Wife and Certified Professional Midwife. She has been working in the realms of holistic women’s health for the past 15 years, and has a private practice in Northern New Mexico.

Rachelle is the creator of INNATE Postpartum Care Certification and Advanced Trainings, for birth workers and health care professionals globally. INNATE Postpartum Care draws upon the modern sciences of Epigenetics, Psychoneuroimmunology, Pre and Perinatal Psychology, the Primal Continuum, Womanist Physiology and Anatomy and more, to teach that which the world’s postpartum traditions have always known: Postpartum care is a necessity and not a luxury for women’s LIFE-LONG health and well-being. Because women are the heart, the foundation of the people, thriving women means thriving families, communities and world.