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How does birth change us?

This question has shaped this week’s guest, Nichole Joy’s path to becoming a doula and childbirth educator. Nichole is revolutionizing the way we do birth with her Digital Doula courses. Courses where she both supports her own clients, and trains other doulas to do the same as well.

On today’s episode, Nichole takes us through all three of her birth stories, sharing her journey from a scheduled c-section with her first child, all the way to an unplanned home birth with her third. She’ll also be speaking about the identity shift that occurs when we become mother’s, and how and why she decided to take her doula work online. 


About Nichole Joy


Nichole Joy is a Digital Doula. She helps expectant moms prepare for all things pregnancy, birth and newborn life.

She's a C-section mama to her first, proud VBAC warrior to her second, and the crazy lady who accidentally had a baby on the bedroom floor with her third. (Yes, really.)

She can help you become the confident mama you want to be and have a birth experience that you LOVE. She's helped thousands of moms-to-be advocate for the birth they want and prepare for the motherhood they’ve dreamed of by giving them the tools, resources and support they need to birth THEIR way.