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Could having a doula really change your birth and postpartum experience?

If you asked me this question before my conversation with today’s guest Gina Giordano, I would have been on the fence. However, after hearing Gina’s story and what being a doula means to her, I’ve become convinced that having a doula is a game changer for both birth and postpartum.

Being the oldest of five children, Gina always loved helping her mother take care of her younger siblings. This love for supporting others is what eventually led Gina to not only become a doula but to also co-found Doula Trainings International (DTI) where she trains doulas with her partner, Tara Brooke.

On today’s episode, Gina is sharing her personal motherhood journey, what it’s like to be a doula, and why she believes that unconditional support is key to having a positive experience.

About Gina Giordano


Gina Giordano is a doula and a creator. Originally from Miami Florida, she grew up in a close family unit. As the oldest of five children, she was taught how to support and nurture at a very young age. After studying fine arts in college, she moved to New York City where she was introduced to the idea of doula work. Just after one training her passion for working in pregnancy, childbirth and beyond was ignited. In 2005 she started a business, offering birth and postpartum doula services and education to families. Through her work she learned how to offer compassionate, dignified care for ALL families during childbirth and the postpartum time, no matter their choices. She also saw a need for more doulas. Driven to serve that need she co-founded Doula Training International (DTI) in 2010 with her business partner Tara Brooke. DTI is a mission based community that trains and certifies birth professionals unified in reproductive health and justice for all bodies. By working as the creative director of DTI, Gina’s mission is to bring awareness to all birth and reproductive options through innovative and curated design. She is the honored mother to two wild girls, married to her lifelong sweetheart and lives in Austin, TX.