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Can you workout your core during pregnancy?

It’s a question Erica Ziel, the founder of Knocked-Up Fitness gets asked on a regular basis and she’s here to give the down low on how to keep your core strong during pregnancy and postpartum.

Erica has been interested in pre and postnatal care since she was a teenager – fascinated by all of the changes that occur in a woman’s body during this time and how she could help women to physically prepare for birth. This led to her creating Knocked-Up Fitness – an online store where you can find Erica’s prenatal and postpartum workout dvd’s and programs – like her newest program – core rehab. In today’s episode we learn more about how Erica got involved in the prenatal fitness world and what core and pelvic floor advice she has for has.

About Erica Ziel


Erica Ziel, creator of Knocked-Up Fitness®, The Core Rehab Program and Pre/Postnatal and Core Exercise Specialist Courses, with a degree in Health and Human Performance, she is also a certified Pilates instructor, personal trainer, nutrition coach and mom of three. Erica has morphed her education with her constant finding of research, and hands-on approach to teaching her clients in-person, programs online and instructing fitness professionals. Having the privilege to contribute to many publications such as The New York Times, Fit Pregnancy, Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, People.com and most recently for the Strength and Conditioning Journal.