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Is the work we do on ourselves the most important work we could be doing?

Kim Gorski believes so and is a living example of it.

Kim Gorski is the podcast host of Balance Over Perfect and a Wellness, Mindset, Social Media and Breakthrough Coach. She has been with her husband for over thirteen years, married for over four and has been on her fertility journey for a year.

On today’s episode, Kim is taking us into her personal story – from childhood to teenage years – and telling us how shifting her focus to self-healing in both her fertility and life journey has helped her to show up for herself and her husband in a loving, open and compassionate way.

About Kim Gorski


My official “street cred”: I’m a podcaster, educator, inspirer, silly dance moves womanpreneur. For the past 4 years, I have been a wellness, mindset, social media and breakthrough coach where I study psychology, vitality, and balance we need as women to accomplish our goals and to do our best daily. You can find me hanging out on my podcast, Balance Over Perfect, in your mailbox for my latest course/inspiration that serves you, or on every social media channel to bring you insight and inspiration on all of this.

The heart of it all: I believe that balance is attainable for everyone, but society has spoon fed us that it’s “impossible”. All areas of our lives are not meant to be in perfect order or given the same amount of time. When we look at our lives, can we honestly say to ourselves we are balancing it all but giving it the quality it deserves vs the quantity? I said, “no” and that is when I went to work on myself to be able to share the journey of living a balance over perfect life.