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How can our mindset affect our experience through postpartum and motherhood?

This question is something that today’s guest, Joanna Loewi works with women on through her skills as a life coach. She teaches problem solving and helps her clients experience more gratitude and self-acceptance through life’s challenges.

On today’s episode, Joanna walks us through her journey with anxiety, her pregnancy with twins, and how she cared and navigated her mental health throughout her motherhood journey.


About Joanna Loewi


Joanna Loewi, the Present Mama, is a NYC-based life coach helping expecting and new moms discover a more peaceful way to experience motherhood.

Using a blend of practical tools and reality-based spiritual solutions, she helps her clients experience self-acceptance, presence, and happiness--all in the face of huge change.

As the mother of twins, she knows that although finding calm in the chaos of parenting isn’t easy, it’s transformative. By working with Joanna, clients develop strategies for making their vision of motherhood a reality.

Joanna was one of Gabrielle Bernstein’s first one-on-one coaching clients. Over the course of ten years, she completed all of Gabrielle’s courses and masterclasses and was directly trained by Gabrielle. Joanna then earned her coaching certification at New York University in 2015.